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Empathy Mapping Services - Customer and Employee Empathy Mapping
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Leverage our Emotional Intelligence Certified experts to help you gain significantly deeper insight and understanding of your customer journey and personas. Our Empathy Mapping workshops are designed to cultivate collaboration by using gamification and human-centered design activities.

We work with you to develop a customized program using the 54 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) competencies so your workshops develops the areas you need most. 

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Employees create the customer experience. Organizations that have a high Emotional Intelligence (EQ) about employees have high customer experience performance. Organizations that develop and cultivate intrinsic employee engagement have higher levels of customer experience performance for longer periods of time. The culture transformation that takes place breeds positive performance.

Innovation, collaboration, employee retention, conflict, and numerous other areas experience positive affects through Employee empathy Mapping.

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Our Empathy Mapping workshops and speaking session are created to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s for an all-employee meeting, a CX team, an executive retreat, or an educational webinar, we will provide the informative and engaging content you need.

The length of our workshops can be condensed into a half-day or presented over several days. More interactive and self-discovery activities are included for longer sessions. The activities promote change velocity and dramatically increase you ROI. Your workshop can be tailored for senior leaders, executives, CX teams, cross-functional teams, or a broader mix of employees. As part of our complimentary consult we’ll work with you to determine what’s you right answer.

Participants learn leading-edge customer experience management skills, participate in highly interactive learning exercises, receive Customer Experience and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools to use in your organization, and receive a Certificate of Completion in Empathy Mapping.

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Our Emotional Intelligence and Customer Experience experts will teach your Customer Experience team or CX Coaches how to apply the principles of Empathy Mapping through a combination of workshops, presentations, discussions and small group exercises. We will provide ongoing support for executives or teams who are leading CX transformation efforts. Whether you need Emotional Intelligence (EQ) feedback on a strategic issue, advice on a new initiative, recommendations on a selection, or just a sounding board, our experts will support your needs.

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 The Right Tool to Win Hearts and Minds.

Right Tool; Empathy Mapping.

Empathy Mapping will help you to create emotional connections with customers and employees that ignites your ability to win hearts and minds. You’ll increase your performance and ROI on your Journey Mapping. Personas, Innovation, and Product Development by including Empathy Mapping in your culture transformation and CX investments.

Right Skill; Emotional Intelligence.

Customer and employee engagement are higher in organizations that have higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) . EQ is proven to create tangible value for both individuals and organizations. EQ creates exceptional performance. You may be okay with being average, but those that are not can create meaningful differentiation by improving their EQ skills.

Right Choice; Beyond Morale.

Beyond Morale is the only company with Customer Experience Experts that are certified in Emotional Intelligence. This combination of skills and expertise provides you with the exceptional mix of both strategy and execution skills. We go beyond theory and models to know-how, influence and persuasion. We go beyond knowledge-transfer to wisdom-transfer.

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